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Bluworld WWMLDG Moonlight Tabletop Fountain

The BluWorld Moonlight Bubbling Indoor Tabletop Fountain has an enchanting glow and soothing sound that will have all who gaze upon it captivated by its charms. This elegant and serene water feature adds the intimate ambiance of moonlight to any setting with its uniquely luminescent design, which, like our Luna above, reflects a greater light most spectacularly. The fountain is handcrafted from two glass tiers with scalloped edges that mount from the center of a large bowl finished in dark copper. Water bubbles through the distinctive layers, erupting over an assortment of shapely glass stones. Why all the misshapen glass? Not only does its one of a kind texture give an ethereal quality to the piece, but a built-in LED light reflects brilliantly off its surface to give it the moonlit appeal of its namesake. Any outlet will do and since the hidden pump with adjustable flow valve keeps water freshly circulating at all times, there's also no need for additional plumbing. Enjoy the atmosphere only a full moon can provide all year long! About Bluworld Bluworld of Water began in 1997 when two Florida brothers with a love of the river and ocean crafted their first water feature from stainless steel and glass in their home garage. Knowing not everyone can make their own water feature and even fewer could make one so well, the siblings turned their hobby into a business venture, moved it out of the garage and, with the help of friends and family, founded the first fabrication plant for Bluworld of Water. Surprisingly, the ''Blu'' is not for the color of water, but an acronym for ''Brothers Like Us,'' emphasizing the tight bonds of love and friendship that got the brand off the ground! Since those humble beginnings, Bluworld has evolved into the largest custom water feature design and fabrication company in the world for both water design and architectural water features.


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