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Giordano Analog Multi-Color Dial Men's Watch - 60056

The Giordano analogue watch with Multi-colour Dial is a well-designed and fine-looking watch. Its case is made of stainless steel which means that it is rust-resistant and will uphold its original lustre for a very long time. The adjustable watch strap is made of the finest quality genuine leather. Well-built and long-lasting, and in a fashionable and graceful black colour on the outside, the inner face of the strap is, however, tan in colour. Because the strap is made of pure leather it will neither break nor tear easily, so one does not have to be troubled by strap replacement problems any time soon.
The gorgeous black leather strap of the watch is attached to a stainless steel buckle clasp which adds a touch of class to the entire watch. The beautiful multi-colour round dial of the watch has a case which is wide enough to lend a manly and sophisticated look. The watch is fairly light at about 70 grams and because of its light weight, it can be worn for long periods of time and it will not make the wrist feel sore.
The watch comes with a soothing multi coloured dial with a shiny silver colour bezel made of pure stainless steel, with two crowns on each side of the case that are used to control each of the two sub-dials. The sub-dials have silver markers and the hands are made of stainless steel. One of the striking features of this watch is that one sub-dial is black in colour whereas another one is white, adding to the style quotient of the watch. The two sub-dials are meant to display two different time zones and his can be of great help if one is travelling to a different time zone. It is water resistant up to 30 meters and thus it can be worn in wet and damp conditions without any worries. A case back made of stainless steel protects the internal components of this watch from shocks and jerks. The watch has a black leather strap attached to the shiny silver coloured lugs, and a stitched pattern all along the edge of the strap.

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