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Iceless Wine Chiller Stick By Pourings

Elegant 4-in-1 Wine Chiller Stick For Anyone Who Wants An Exquisite Wine Drinking Experience At Home Now you, too, can impress friends and family with a fine wine drinking experience right in your very own home. Your Pourings Wine Chiller Stick makes it so easy for you create a moment they'll cherish! Key Features & Benefits: 1. Enjoy a chilled bottle of wine - With your Pourings Wine Chiller Stick you will be able to enjoy a perfectly chilled glass of wine! 2. You'll love the versatility and convenience - Don't hassle with separate wine chillers, aerators, pourers, and stoppers ... your Pourings Wine Chiller Stick does it all! 3. Elegant design - Your Pourings Wine Chiller Stick isn't just functional, it also looks absolutely stunning while you use it to serve wine. 4. Manufactured to bring you years of enjoyment - Not only will the top grade stainless steel chilling rod last, but so will the high-quality plastic pourer and rubber stopper. 5. Back by an airtight Lifetime Guarantee - Some manufacturers offer similar products with a 90-day guarantee; some even offer a 6-month guarantee. We offer a ONE YEAR GUARANTEE because we're that confident in the quality of this wine chiller stick and aerator! Order today completely RISK FREE! You risk nothing when you order your Pourings Wine Chiller Stick right now thanks to our 100% Money-Back 12-Month Warranty. This is a RISK FREE opportunity for you to enjoy a chilled bottle of wine the way the vineyard intended it to be served. ACT NOW to get your Pourings Wine Chiller Stick rushed straight to your door! Supplies are limited. And while we think we've manufactured enough to meet the anticipated demand, we can't guarantee we'll have any inventory left if you hesitate and decide to order later. Click the yellow "Add to Cart" button above to get your Pourings Wine Chiller Stick now and avoid missing out.


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