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Maybelline Diamond Glow Quad Eye Shadow

Let your eyes shine like diamonds with shades you will just love. Blend them or go solo - there's something for every ocassion.
Maybelline Diamond Glow Quad Eye Shadow helps you decorate your eyes with four sultry colours. It helps you get a shining diamond effect that highlights your eyes in four simple and easy steps. Exclusive technology was used in its manufacturing to create the gem-like sparkles that are long-lasting. These four different colours are of varying shades. One is a light accent colour, two are medium intensity colours, and one is a highlight colour.
Maybelline Diamond Glow Quad Eye Shadow has launched various colours of eye shadows, with copper brown being one of more popular shades in this range. This is considered a neutral shade that goes well with many outfits and occasions. All the shades have a metallic finish and can be easily applied with your fingers, and can later be blended with the help of the brush.
The different sets of shades have been categorised into four different categories called A, B, C, and D. A is the highlighting colour, B and C are the medium colours and D is the accentuating colour. Apply A with the help of a big sponge onto the entire eye lid and inner conner. With the help of the same sponge, but with the opposite side blend B on the medium lid. Blend C with the help of a small sponge onto the lower medium lid. With the help of the opposite side of the small sponge use D and line the lash line.


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