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Minnie Mouse - Minnie's Bow Sweet Home

Minnie's expecting some friends for a party. “Ding Dong” They’re here! Open the front door to hear the doorbell. Now we’re ready for some dancing fun. Press the heart button located at the base of the house to hear cheerful phrases from Minnie. To brighten up the mood for a party, there is a disco ball hanging from the ceiling of the first floor. Three different colorful lights are pointed at the disco ball for a pretty light-up dance floor effect. Requires (3) “AA” batteries.
I wonder if there’s anything on TV about bows!
Minnie’s talking house has four levels of fun and five rooms of magical play. First let’s go to the kitchen and check to see if the cupcakes are ready. There’s a refrigerator, stove, kitchen table and two kitchen chairs. The first floor also has a living room with a couch and a flat screen TV. Next, let’s climb the circular stairwell and go upstairs to the bedroom and bathroom. The bedroom features a bed, a computer chair, and a computer table with a laptop. Time to powder our nose and fix our bows! The bathroom has a heart-shaped vanity, a bathtub with a shower, and a commode. But wait, there’s also a third floor where Figaro has her own room, complete with her own fish tank, pet bed, and water and feeding bowl. Climb up to the roof where Minnie can take some sun on the patio in her lounge chair or get some shade from her potted tree.
Lots of fun inside and out!
Minnie’s house has two sides of play: you can play inside the house or pretend you are outside in front of the house. You can also purchase additional adorable playsets to add to Minnie’s house including Minnie’s Garden Picnic and Sleepover Party (each sold separately and subject to availability).


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