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Lakme Complexion Care Face Cream

Be the flawless diva with Lakme's Complexion Care cream. The CC Cream not only protects your skin from harmful UV rays, but also evens out your skin tone doubling as both a sunscreen and a light foundation. This cream can also be used along with other products or on its own if you prefer just the lightest touch of make up. It's sure to give your skin that luminous, even glow while lightly concealing marks. Wear it every day for a fresh, perfect look and you can carry this compact tube in your bag or make up kit easily. and light look. A product as versatile as the woman you are.

Skin Cream and Make-up All-in-One
The Lakme complexion care cream brings together all the goodness of an everyday skin cream along with a touch of make up. If you are a woman on the go, this is the ideal choice for you. The Lakme complexion care cream gives your skin a natural matte finish. Providing light to medium coverage of blemishes, this cream evens out skin tone. Furthermore, this Lakme CC cream comes in a stylish golden sturdy packaging with a well fitted silver cap. So carry this cream to the office or on vacation to sport instantly styled skin and make heads turn where ever you go.
Sun Protection with SPF 20
The Lakme complexion care cream provides sun protection (SPF 20) as well as brightens your skin. The consistency of this cream is just right, neither to thin or too thick. Lightly massage this cream into your skin to obtain an even smooth finish. Lakme complexion care cream contains glycerin that gently moisturizes your skin, leaving you feeling fresh all day. Considering its many benefits, the Lakme complexion care cream price is easy on the pocket. So buy this Lakme CC cream online and bestow your skin with the moisture, freshness and brightness it needs.
Brand: Lakme
Pack size: 30 ml
Colour: Beige
Easy to use, spreads easily on skin
Conceals and evens out skin tone
Brightens, moisturizes, refreshes
Sun protection with SPF 20